Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've just submitted my ISRS/TOC fellowship application, mailed off the prospectus to the department, and it's just a relief to know that I'm done with paperwork, at least for the moment. It's hard to believe that in a little more than 2 weeks, I'll be off to Panama for my sponge field course, apparently also fully prepared to carry out all the experiments I'm supposed to do there. It's crazy how unprepared I feel for the whole thing- never been to Central or South America, can't speak Spanish to save my life, no clue as to the layout of where things and places are. And reams of papers on sponges to read in preparation for the course. It's definitely a new experience for someone who's so anal about doing exhaustive research on whatever locale she visits. But I suppose things will fall into place as the time approaches. I hope.

What's next? My oral qualifying exam looms! August 13th, 9am, is the date and time. I've done the rounds, got my study materials from my thesis committee, and looks like I'll be spending plenty of time indoors the next two weeks trying to figure out flow regimes on coral reefs. Crossing my fingers that nothing too obscure comes out in the questioning!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A delay in the process

Had a meeting with the boss today, and since I didn't have that much of success this field season (i.e. can't publish anything with the data I've obtained), my application for PhD has been pushed to the next semester, with the hope that I enter the programme in Fall 2008. Was a little down the last few weeks thinking about the delay in my plans, and how I can't finish up my degree as fast as I wanted, or how I still have to go through my Masters oral examination, but... actually, after confirming it with Boss, it's not so bad after all. Sure, it'll be nice to have a higher salary (no TKK scholarship this year, sniffs), but after all, I chose a field project, and these are the risks associated with a field intensive project. So it's really my 'fault' after all, and I can't complain too much. I'm just glad Boss didn't can my project or ask me to work on something more realistic. Time to work harder this semester and get more grant applications in!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cars and me...

...just don't go together... I'm cursed, cursed! I tell you. Got involved in a minor collision while scoping out an apartment complex near Monkey Junction. Some dunderhead reversed out of the lot without looking and smacked right into my car's passenger door. Eric tried to sound the horn but hit the center of the steering wheel was which just plastic not linked to any sound making device. My poor car. What did it do to deserve such abuse? So I got this huge dent, and when we got out of the car, the other driver asked whether I wanted to call in the cops, and I said 'yes', and he apparently made the call on his cell. Half an hour of impatiently waiting for the cops to arrive later, he asked if he could go and pick up his wife, who was waiting at work, and that he'll be right back. Seeing his young boy in the car, I relented. After all, I got his particulars and the cops coming right?

....One and a half hours cops or errant driver in sight!!! ARGRHGHRGHGHHH.... Called in the cops myself in the end, after 4 missed calls to the guy. And the police car came after 10min! Finally the wife showed up (it's her car), and we made the police report. Claimed not to know anything, as usual. Got my car repair estimate and phoned her insurance company, only to find out that her insurance lapsed since June due to non payment!! Double ARGRHGHGHGH.... Might have to go through the small claims court now.... AHRGHRGAHGRHGHG

To top it off, my car battery died the day after. Had to continually get it jumpstarted whenever I stopped the engine. Even pumped petrol into a plastic can so I can add it at home. And of course, had to shell out the $$ to replace the damn battery.

Oh my, what a week...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No TKK for me too...

Didn't get the TKK Scholarship this Oh wells, I'm just glad that I was even selected last year, given how unbillingual I am. Win some, lose some I guess!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Isn't it cool? The hammerhead that Wai and I saw on our first dive at San Salvador. It actually wheeled around and swam right by us again! Couldn't resist getting a little closer, it's so hard to get a good shot of a shark! Tim thought I breached the 100ft limit for dives, but I was exactly at 100ft, haha! I'm good, huh?

Anyway, I do have photos of other stuff from the Bahamas. The first 20 up online make up my portfolio for the little photo competition we had on the cruise (Wai came in 2nd!). And here it is...more photos to come later!