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Sisters Darat Reef Friends Survey 26 Nov 2005

'Twas a nice and sunny day! Dragged myself out of bed at 6.45am and mumbled that the diving better be worth it.... Had not breathed underwater for yonks, hope I could still hover with some decency, heheh. The shallow transect at Sisters' had enough patches of coralline algae, turf and hard corals to give a LIT benthic surveyor nightmares. As usual, I didn't have much time to look around and take photos, but on the way back from laying 2 tapes, we managed to squeeze in some stuff: Gorgeous huge seafan at 7m depth. Next time we have to search for pygmy seahorses! 3 of these tiny fella were crawling around the shallow transect tape. So cute! Abby saw them on the other survey site at Sisters' Laut too! And one of the highlights of the dive: Jani spotted this pregnant male seahorse! Pretty shy dude, went to hide in a crevice. It was an excellent trip! Decent visibility, efficient movement of volunteers, and we completed the survey in 2.5 hours, which must be a Reef

What I had for lunch today

Made myself a mushroom and onion omelette, stuffed it full of cheese, and garnished with a sprinkle of chopped parsley! YUM!

Picnic at Lower Peirce

Few things in life are better than a picnic by the water's edge, watching the sunset over the treetops with good friends, and a good assortment of snacks on hand. :)