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Update on the car

All dried out after 2 days in the garage, constant air blowing through the a/c system and one really really hot afternoon in the sun (I think I scorched my bum for this one). Also found the answer to the problem on the internet! Ain't google something? Apparently, for those sun roof and moon roof owners, there are drainage channels from the slot corners. The front drains into the front doors, the rear drains behind the rear bumper. These channels get clogged on a periodic basis and need to be cleared. After some tweaking and getting goo-ey black stuff on my hands, water ran clear out the drains. Hooray! It poured this morning too and the car was dry. Am much pleased.

One of those days

I knew the moonroof was leaky but lately it seemed to hold up fine under inclement weather and I thought it must have slotted back snugly into place. Well, I was wrong. Wilmington saw the first of the fierce storms of this year's summer last night, and when I opened the car door to drive to aikido class I saw a steady stream of water flowing down from the moonroof onto the driver's seat. 2 inches of water lay on the floor. Threw a cover over the roof with A and rescued the electronic items from the car. As I was now car-less, was contemplating my options viz. getting to aikido class. It seemed like the commuter was my best bet, and I threw on rain gear and lights and headed out. Only to find much of Wilmington flooded. Cars were stuck in ditches, a fire engine screamed down Racine Dr, thundered roared and lightning flashed overhead. All the while, I was marvelling at the bike's ability to navigate through ankle to shin-deep brown water, and roll over unseen kerbs and potho…