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Happy CNY!!

Happy happy Lunar New Year to one and all! Been busy with admin and chemical extraction the past couple of weeks, but hopefully will be able to upload some photos soon.

V-day as expected, was pretty quiet...I went for Iaido class (got free training this month 'cos I organized a demo on campus for the International Fest), practised for the demos (there were 2 this week), and found a carnation on my car windshield, which scared the heck outta me initially as I thought it was in my car. Calmed down when I ascertained that it was really on the outside, clamped under the wiper, pheeew.. The Significant Other was busy working on his great conservation opus, so no videocall and suchlike, in fact, banged off a couple of article reviews after coming back from training.

Met up with some other Malaysians and a whole bunch of Chinese nationals on Friday, when we had an early 'reunion dinner'. Lots and lots of handmade dumplings, and a whole smorsgabord of Asian food. Yums! Yesterday, go…

Musing of the day...

There is no need for worry in life. If you can do something about it, fix it, and you don't have to worry about it anymore. If you can't do anything about, worrying about it won't help solve your problem anyway. So why worry?

I got reminded of this saying after watching 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama earlier this evening.