Happy CNY!!

Happy happy Lunar New Year to one and all! Been busy with admin and chemical extraction the past couple of weeks, but hopefully will be able to upload some photos soon.

V-day as expected, was pretty quiet...I went for Iaido class (got free training this month 'cos I organized a demo on campus for the International Fest), practised for the demos (there were 2 this week), and found a carnation on my car windshield, which scared the heck outta me initially as I thought it was in my car. Calmed down when I ascertained that it was really on the outside, clamped under the wiper, pheeew.. The Significant Other was busy working on his great conservation opus, so no videocall and suchlike, in fact, banged off a couple of article reviews after coming back from training.

Met up with some other Malaysians and a whole bunch of Chinese nationals on Friday, when we had an early 'reunion dinner'. Lots and lots of handmade dumplings, and a whole smorsgabord of Asian food. Yums! Yesterday, got a free invite to the Chinese community dinner at Temple Baptist Church, so more Asian food! I'm stuffed this weekend.

Tired too. Had another demo session yesterday at our dojo, which lasted 3 hours, was kinda ready to crash after that. Trying to get used to the new styles here too, such as cutting with a shomen-uchi from the rear foot, and stepping back to get nikkyo from a katadori; making me think really hard and slowing my response times for each move. Oh, found out after Thursday's demo that UNCW actually has an aikido club too, instructed by a 3rd kyu. I might go check them out if I'm not doing Iaido next month.


AdamNg said…
Happy new yr! Good to know (and jealous) tt your aikido club actively involves you in their activities. Do us proud!
Irene Arboleda said…
Now I know why despite all your appetite and all those tempting chinese dumplings...you are still lean and mean...Aikido!
jstryker7 said…
Come train with us anytime your in. We love to share.

John (UNCW aikido club), just fire me an email: uncwaikido@yahoo.com

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