Pulau Hantu 6 March 2006

In case you think I might have converted to the 'other side (of the world's oceans)' and gone completely Caribbean, I still rather miss diving in good ole Singapore! So I haven't ever seen a hammerhead or 30m vis, but there're sea slugs! allied cowries! sea whip shrimps! and so much more...such as the little critters below!

And yes, the photos were taken a year ago...yes, I know I'm very slow when it comes to editing and posting photos. I'm working on it, 'kay?

See how clear the water was!

I miss seeing corals...

...and branching Acropora too...

Allied cowries were everywhere on the seabed!

In pretty colours matching their sea whip hosts

Except, erm, for this one. We surmised that it could be colour-blind...

Colourful flatworms were commonly seen too

Flatworm and sea squirt

This was a large one!

And smaller sea whip shrimps too

Really love sea slugs...they are so cute!

Zee got very excited about this phyllid. That's her finger there showing you how big it was.

Could it be? Cephalopod eggs?

Nervous crab...

The iconic Icon Star of Pulau Hantu

Sea pen

And yes, I photograph vertebrates too...


eric yw lim said…
Mmm...have not seen Jani for a long time. I'm sure you have a lot more. Have your boss seen the southern islands book we gave him yet?
Jeffrey said…
nice pictures ... i should put mine up on my blog too .. but so much writing to do :P

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