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When you switch on the TV next, and see the screenshot of the famous LA hotdog stand Pink's in the background, don't be surprised to hear Wai exclaiming,"This chili tastes BEANY!!" That's what you get for eating at a famous institution in Hollywood Land.

Just landed this morning, and changed the initial plan of going to Joshua Tree National Park immediately cos 1) I'm still recovering from this damned cold that Steve passed to me (it has noe progressed to the coughing stage), and 2) we were damn exhausted from the fieldwork, illness, 12 hour car ride, trying to finish homework madly and pack the night before, plus the flight was a little delayed due to fog in Wilmington. By the time we picked up the rental car (another story there, and it's a PT Cruiser!! That's so funny...), it was close to noon.

Slumming it out at the cheapest hostel in LA which provides all sorts of free food. For one night, I'm willing to overlook the fact that I have to flush the shared toilet by plunging my hand into the cistern and pulling the snapped cable of the lever. But I think on my return trip I shall stay at the beach...

Actually didn't do very many touristy things today. Ate at Pink's, drove crazily around looking for a way up to the Griffith Observatory, drove some more looking for a grocery store and a place to buy a battery charger, and yep, exhausted again. Even feel too lazy to go out and get dinner...But I guess we better get well fed, JTNP looks pretty darn cold from the weather forecasts and I want some calories to burn!!


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