Habitat training- Day 1

We rolled in last night not sure what to expect, but humming with expectant energy. Briefing this morning, and then plunged headlong into aquanaut training. So this is what it feels like to be an awkward gangly student again. We got acquainted with our gear- 100's Al doubles, 50lb lift wings, and a steel backplate with Halcyon webbing, hip pouches that wrap around our upper thighs, 2 regulators. Definitely felt very strapped in during the fitting!

The swim test made me realise that I really need my regular swim sessions again. Heard that UNCW is building a new rec center with a pool, and hoping for better hours there. The swim was fine, the treading water was passable, the holding breath and swimming the length of the pool made me want to pass out.

Steeled myself to open my eyes underwater (hate doing that) after looking at the training schedule and seeing all the mask off drills we are doing, i.e. every day every dive. It wasn't too bad today, didn't sting as much as I thought. None of that strapping on gear, walking to the dive deck and jumping off. The crew helped carry our rig to the deck while we sat down and strapped on, then a very unglamourous roll into the water headfirst. Man, the rig was heavy! Had to paddle to stay afloat, and couldn't breathe on the surface without my reg. Just basic drills today- mask off, reg off, buddy breathing. We did barrel rolls, and it was interesting rolling with that much air in the BC. Felt like someone was sitting on my back the whole time, and I never carried so much air underwater before, kinda clunky, and didn't feel as effortless as usual, but certainly hope it would get better with more quality time with my rig!


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