Ladies!!! Take your calcium pills!!!!!

Was walking through Ann Siang Hill towards Neil Road with Frank, Zee and Jani on Saturday when I saw a line of cars stuck behind a stationary car at the road junction. Could just make out a foot on the other side of the car, and some blood?!'s an accident....

An old lady was sitting on the road while the distraught driver leaned over her repeatedly asking why she was walking on the road and not the pavement. As I stooped to check on the old lady, I noticed that her left shin bone was snapped completely, and the exposed bone was jutting out of her lower leg. The foot was just a bloody mess. How much force was involved? The car couldn't have been driving that fast, since the area just has small lanes and typically slow traffic. Thank goodness the paramedics came (called by a helpful passerby) in 15min and bundled her off to hospital. Hope she's okay and can walk again.

The next day, my sister informed me that my brother-in-law's grandmother broke her hip after she slipped while getting out of the family car. She spent several days in hospital while waiting for an operation to insert a metal plate in the hip...

Women are more prone to osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease. We gradually lose calcium as we get older, and if we don't have enough, by the time we hit middle age, our bones get as fragile as glass. Imagine cracking a rib while reaching for an upper shelf. Imagine being mortally fearful of minor falls and bumps..... And here's the kicker- calcium supplements only have an effect for women if we take them before 30!!! Nothing will go in after that.

So drink your milk, eat your cheese, take your pills, and you'll thank yourself in years to come.


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