Beautiful St John's

Ahhhh...the joys of diving in 3.5m vis.....No need to struggle with the buoy, no need to 'touch and feel' our way along the reef crest, no fear of hitting my face on an angle iron/anemone/bunch of hydroids/poky mussid.... If only everyday could be like this ;)

Check out the blue water!

Allied cowrie!!

Wow! An Alveopora colony! They're not easy to find, normally we only see Goniopora.
Check out the tentacles- 12 instead of 24!

Nice fishies like the Copperbanded Butterflyfish

The carpet eel blenny made an appearance too

Cute flatworm!

Another flatworm

Ginormous swimming flatworm

Tiny little phyllid nudibranch

Drupella snails happily munching away on the Oxypora coral (The skeleton had holes- Hah!)

And saving the best for last, guess what we came across on the nubbins tray while cleaning?

Guess who's hiding among the nubbins?

A closer look at the Tiger Tailed Seahorse

So, think Singapore's marine life deserves some legal protection?

You can read comments on setting up a marine park in Singapore on the Blue Water Volunteers' website! Don't forget to send in your views too! :)


Papa Jeff said…
Nice photos!!

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