Diving Kusu and Hantu 23 Jan 2006

Well, no photographs from Africa yet...but there're nice underwater shots of Kusu and Hantu! Enjoy...

The reef crest of Kusu is studded with anemones. Look closer, and you might spot an anemonefish..
Acropora crab!

The white allied cowrie is getting to be my favourite!

A sweet yellow nudi!

Seafans of Kusu

The Chinese Demoiselles at 9m

The featherstars were out in full force today!

Moving over to Hantu...We almost missed this pipefish...Only saw the orange spots when I enlarged the photo.

A phyllid and sap-sucker slug at Pulau Hantu

Sigh...a sad sight....Overturned corals close to the reef crest. Boat collision?


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