My first chi-chi top

I realised today that I've never bought a girly-girl top for myself before! Always relied on fashion-savvier Mum, who walks down the Orchard mall strip everyday on the way to the MRT to go home, or 'borrowed' clothes from my sister's office collection (heh..). That left me with experience only with buying dri-fit tees, outdoor/biking gear and tank-tops.

Decided a little retail therapy was in order today, seeing as how I
couldn't get the motivation to analyse nutrient data, the Azalea Fest
was cancelled due to bad weather, my head was still a little fuzzy
from last night's festivities, and I was supposed to go salsa dancing this Friday...

So here's the top I bought!

What do you think? It's not as red as it turned out in the photo (sorry Jani :P), a bit more burnt orange. If you have negative comments, just be sure to tell me within 30 days, so I can bring it back to the store for a refund, hohoho.


AdamNg said…
For constructive comments, you should post a pic with you in it hehe.
Jeffrey said…
Don't post a pic with you in that blouse .. please!

Jeff :P

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