Bye-Bye Bayan 2 Apr 2006

It was my first and last look at Terumbu Bayan. A pretty little patch reef, now buried and gone forever under a pile of sand and rocks, soon to be a billion-dollar generating petrochemical hub. Before my trip, there were already quite a few marine life relocation activities conducted, and numerous hard coral colonies were translocated. Went with RMBR on a salvage operation to retrieve as many specimens as we could for preservation.

Early morning at Terumbu Bayan

The video team ready to go

Sunrise over Terumbu Bayan, smack in the heart of petrol-land

The coral relocation team certainly did an efficient job

Jani and I came across a huge pile of Acropora rubble. Wonder where it came from?

Some critters that we saw:
A nice fat Glossodoris. Found out later that it secretes noxious chemicals!

Really cool flatworm

This ribbon eel gave us a good chase!

Now we know why they call it 'spring' tide...

Sorting specimens on board

Though it was fun to go out and catch stuff, I can't help but feel that it would have been so much nicer if all those animals could stay on safely in their watery homes, instead of being pickled in a museum. But I guess if the development would die-die go ahead, with no chance of a reprieve, it's better that we got the chance to preserve some of the marine life for future reference, instead of having everything buried and gone without a trace.


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