More photos from Xplore! training dives

Went out with the trainee Xplore! guides one weekend in February '06 to Kusu Island. Saturday was tough- winds, heavy surge, bouts of seasickness, and for some people, a close encounter with a beacon :). Nevertheless, snuck into the lagoon for a look at what comes out of hiding at high tide.

Outside on the reef though, numerous jewels await. Sunday did not disappoint, the water was relatively clear, and we had so many exciting sightings!

Taking in the sights...

Huge nudibranch! About the size of my palm!

Glad to get a sharp shot of the white allied cowrie- one of my fave critters!

Guess what this is? It's the feeding proboscis of a worm!
It extends out of the burrow probing for tasty treats.

Very pretty nudibranch- Bornella anguilla, feeding on a hydroid.

The sweet-looking tiny yellow nudi makes an appearance again.
See how large the sediment particles are in comparison!

Close-up of an icon sea-star

The feather stars here love to perch on the seafans

A sea whip goby stays still long enough for me to get the shot

The gorgonian sawblade shrimp proves a bit more difficult...

And you can always count on seeing a phyllid nudibranch.
Was it feeding on ascidians?


Papa Jeff said…
Just wondering if you know the names of the large nudibranch? IS it Dendrodoris tunerculosa? And the phyllid is Phyllidia varicosa?

Can't seen to find an accurate ID of the green nudi ... Tambja is about as close as I could get. Anyone know?

Cheers, Jeff
bluebabe said…
The large one is dendrodoris sp. You can find them all on Jani's flickr account i think, in the nudis of s'pore folder. The yellow-green nudi is there too.

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