THANK YOU EVERYONE for your really sweet and nice wishes!!!

It's been an excellent birthday, and yup, that's my real age up there. I don't see any reason to hide it!

Went out diving with the lab today, scraped metal tags, collected sponge larvae, nosied around the underwater lab, Aquarius..and then went out for a really nice sushi dinner, complete with hot sake (which was good!). I even received a complimentary tempura ice-cream ball from the restaurant- so sweet!

Went window shopping at a dive supply shop with Sven and Steve after dinner, then came back to another ice-cream cake, courtesy of my labbies! It was a Snickers-flavoured football cake! I was wondering what Tim was doing in the kitchen larder in the semi-darkness while he was trying to light the candles in secret....

Anyway, will post photos soon! Been diving everyday, not much time to edit photos and blog, plus there's so much to say!

But I really had to say Thanks to all of you!!! Miss you all!!


Papa Jeff said…
oooo happy birthday!!
Happy Belated Birthday! :)

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