Be careful what you wish for...

After numerous comments upon my return about how much weight I've gained (Wah, pui liao! ...Ni hao xiang pang le...Eh, have you gained weight ah? etc etc), I was already planning out a whole exercise regime to stay in shape. However, how was I supposed to resist consuming all the local fatty goodies, knowing that I may not get to eat them again for a year or so??

My problem was miraculously solved just after Christmas, for I was stricken by a terrific bout of food poisoning. I've scarcely eaten any solid food since Monday, and scarcely retained whatever scarce amounts I've consumed, mainly subsisting on mint tea, fruit juice and Pocari Sweat. Even when faced with my fave foods (like the thought of having satay for supper), my stomach churns and a wave of nausea overcomes me. As you may imagine, I'm superbly miserable. So this is what it feels like to have a tiny appetite. Eeews! Plus I don't know how some women can tahan taking laxatives in order to lose weight. They must be pure masochists.

How lah? This stupid problem has been hanging around for one week already, and I'm due to return soon! Plus I haven't even eaten chili crab yet!! Waugh...


Papa Jeff said…
Doesn't chilli crab sauce now come in a packet? Add on american crab pumped up on hormones and wala!! chilli crab ala america. Almost as good as the singaporean version :)

I could be wrong about the packet chilli crab sauce though, in which case, the above para is no longer holds sauce .. I mean water.

:P J
bluebabe said…
i'm not sure about packet sauce, but i've seen the sauce in jars at last year's food expo. pretty tasty too :P hey the whole point of attending food expo is all the free samples! haha. american crab is probably imported from asia lah, seasoned with asian pollutants.

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