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Thinking of taking part in a photo competition organised by International Programs, and submitting one under the theme of 'Animals and Natural Landscapes'. Supposed to show what the rest of the world is like... Anyway, I've decided to submit one of my underwater shots, which usually just languish in my folders on my hard drive (the offer of prize money helps, hehe). Narrowed down to these few, so help me choose which one to send in!

1. Close-up of an embedded oyster in a Porites colony under the Dayang jetty

2. Fish hiding within Acropora colony. Lembeh night dive.

3. Lembeh nudibranch

4. Sipadan Hypselodoris?

5. Sipadan Chromodoris

6. And one laying eggs! Sipadan

7. Sipadan- a curious turtle

8. Lembeh- Anemone shrimp

9. Sipadan

10. Sipadan's full of fish

11. Sipadan- a white-tip shark comes from the deep

12. Sipadan- Lionfish in full glory


Applecow said…
Hmm... I like the lembeh anemone shrimp. I think the contrasting colours are very striking and the composition is not bad.
Papa Jeff said…
6, 8, 11 or 12 .. each have their merits. Good luck!! :)
eric yw lim said…
First choice: No. 8
2nd choice: No. 7

I think this two has got the best compostion (clean and concise). Their environment are also nicely position in the frame which serve to lead the eyes to the subject and give the subject a good framing. The others have too many distractions around the subject and some out of focus. I like the tortise one for the expression and the shrimp for the striking colors and composition. 9 and 10 is good too but quite common
Wai said…
I agree, 8 or 7. Nice composition. I kinda like 7 better, as the turtle seems to have some sort of expression on its face, captured at that angle. Heh. But 8 is nice too, as it offers a glimpse of something a bit more colourful and rare.
Fried Tempeh said…
I VOTE FOR NO. 8!!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WAT... got another project option to do MPA work in BUNAKEN and prolly LEMBEH! Socioeconomic stuff...
bluebabe said…
GO FOR BUNAKEN AND LEMBEH!!! WAAAAHHHHH!!! Dream project assignment!!!
Papa Jeff said…
And you even know the language! ... lol ... so, do you need a porter, m'am? :P
bluebabe said…
alright folks, i've submitted #8, the lembeh anemone shrimp. wish me luck!
Irene Arboleda said…
lembeh anemone shrimp...truly nature's work of art! hands down choice...:-)

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