How to fritter away a weekend...

It's turning out to be a rather unproductive weekend...Queued up at the university Surplus Sale yesterday morning, and scored a nice dining table for $6! Wahahaha...We can now eat like civilised people, instead of off a cardboard Singpost parcel box. Decided to work from home in the afternoon, and made a split pea soup for dinner, which took 2 hours of simmering on the stove! For something that look like it yielded 3.5 servings...hmmm...would be a while before I do that again...

thedivinebovine decided that she didn't want to go to the ChocQuibTown concert after all, and since it was too late to ask someone else to go, dragged my sorry single loser ass to Kenan Auditorium to attend a hip-hop concert on my own. Um. After dashing to the counter just in time, saw posters stating that the concert was sold out plastered everywhere! Augh, did I just make a wasted trip? Fortunately, some people had released their tickets, and I could go in after all! It was a pretty good concert, since I always like music with a Latin inflection, and percussive rhythms, just hard to get into the grooving mood on my own...I always feel like the lone woman Karen and I usually see swaying to the music by herself when we attend Latin concerts in Singapore, she just stood out so much...The sound mix was a little weird though, the vocals weren't very clear, and the music sounded like it was just coming from the front, as if someone was playing a CD on a stereo. But it was still pretty enjoyable overall.

TDB has been complaining recently about a dearth of wardrobe fillers, and since today was the last day of summer sales at all major department stores around here, thought I would accompany her while she looked for decent t-shirts. Alas the law of shopping states that the 'accompanier' shall inexorably be drawn into a few purchases on her own as well...Bought a couple of cute tees for the boyos, a brown t-shirt (like, what do I need another t-shirt for right?), and a rather cute short skirt, which was a steal at $6, heheh! Unfortunately, we spent the whole day shopping!! Only ate 'lunch' at 4pm, and now, we're supposed to go for contra dance. This is terrible! Tomorrow we're hosting a BBQ, and the prep would take up most of the day. Pffftt....hope to get some reading in tonight then!


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