Fall season...

It's my favourite time of the year...when there's a slight nip in the air, it's breezy but not chilly, and the grass is warm and dry. I can sit and read outdoors without getting a sunburn on the back of my neck, or feeling rivulets of sweat running down the side of my face.

It's seems to be shopping season too! Bought myself a secondhand Schwinn Mesa yesterday! I was so excited about finally finding a decent MTB in my size that I didn't even take it for a test ride! Well...it did have new front disc brakes, new tires, and looked reasonably well taken care of. Al frame too, and I've been scanning ads on craigslist and other sites for months, finding only cromoly or steel frames for my price range. I can't wait to adjust the bike to my specs and ride it to work! Yay bike!

Dazed after a morning of struggling to understand the IPCC Chapter 2 on Radiative Forcing (all 88 pages), and the derivation of Fisher's Least Significant Difference multiple comparisons test, wasn't at my perkiest and keenest at the end of the day. But accompanied Wai to the music workshop by the Afro-Colombian band ChocQuibTown anyway. Had to concentrate quite a bit on the explanations behind the various rhythms, but they play some funky music! Hip hop and rap overlaid over percussive Latin rhythms. Am looking forward to their concert this Friday evening...

After such a full day, we really couldn't bring ourselves to cook. So we had a 'convenience foods' night! Tried the Michelina's frozen pasta dish, which is strongly reminiscent of the stuff that appeared on my tray on the flight back to Wilmington from Panama...The Pictsweet steamed veggies went down much better, with the exception of salt laden bits hidden between innocuous looking veggie morsels. What to do but fall back on my lazy favourite tater tots! Can't go much wrong with crispy bits of potatoes, mm mm....


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