Where does the time go?

Yesterday was my really big Saturday. For some reason, I had it jam-packed with activities, and could barely snatch a breather in between. It started on Friday night, with a visit to Club Vida after an absence of a few weeks. I had planned to leave at midnight, but we only started getting into the whole dance-y vibe around 11.30pm, and met Silvestre, Gilberto and Evan too, so it seemed a little premature to leave so early. And so yes, we finally left when the lights came on at 2.30am. Argh. I had Iaido practice on Wrightsville Beach at sunrise... With supreme effort, I crawled out of bed 3 hours later to drive down and did 1.5h of intense sword practice while trying not to fall down in the soft sand.

Got persuaded to go have breakfast at Saltworks II, before heading home to take a 30min power nap. The alarm went off after what felt like 2min, and I was up and heading out with my bike to meet Wendy for kayaking. Sure, I had a total of 3.5h of sleep, but it was awesome- the sun was out in full force, the water felt great, the scenery around Masonboro Island was really pretty and it was a fine day to sit on white sand and gaze across the Atlantic Ocean. 3 hours later, we biked home, and I frantically attempted to bake a pineapple-upsidedown cake, while eating a late lunch and taking a shower at the same time. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy baking powder!! %#$@%#$% Gave up on bringing the cake (which turned out to be a good thing), and rushed to Harris Teeter to get a 6-pack of beer for Ana and Nick's post Beerfest party. Everyone there looked kinda sloshed, but the burgers were good ;).

Wai picked me up 1 hour later for we were going to watch Sicko at the UNCW theater. It was pretty good stuff- sure, some things were probably overly sensationalised, but it has some valid points and can certainly generate good discussion. Spent another hour in the parking lot thereafter discussing healthcare, social issues and the political decline in the US with Mike before finally heading home! To bed!


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