Ride report - UNCW 18 Jan 2008

We started out at 3.30pm today, shrugging off sweaters and shivering slightly in the chill air. Still, despite the mostly overcast skies, the sun peeked out occasionally and the ground was dry and fast. Wendy took the lead as she rode here most recently, and it is easy to get lost in here. As we approached the 'Clear Run' ramp, Wendy went over like a seasoned fearless pro, and I thought,"What the hell, I don't need to dive till May." So I acclerated and went up the ramp before rational thought could kick in. Felt the exhilarating split second of air-time, and then the front wheel landed hard (I think), and before I knew it, I landed (hard, oh %$#%$@%) on the ground on my butt. Douglas Adams was right about flying being easy. It's the landing that's difficult. It was then a distinct pong assaulted my senses. Did I just run over fresh dog poo??? On both wheels, my fork and my down tube no less!!! ARRGGGHHHH I guess the silver lining is that I didn't LAND on the dog doo-doo. Damn you, inconsiderate dog-owners!!!

We continued after I picked myself and my bruised butt up, and this time, I think we got a pretty good ride in! We picked the right fork of every intersection we came across, and I re-discovered all the sweet switchback sections we encountered on my first ride at UNCW. Even came across the high ramp (I guess about 2 feet off the ground?). Having learnt my lesson, I decided to remain in the audience with the divinebovine while Wendy took it on. And she was AMAZING...I'll have to upload the video soon. ABSOLUTELY fearless.

Found the loopy section near Dobo Hall, and another little switchback track, before heading back to the parking lot as the sun started dipping below the horizon. It was totally sweet to swish through trees and bushes on small windy trails. Looked for an outdoor water hose to spray off most of the dog doo (Wendy had some on her bike too), and thankfully we found one. Can't tell you where it is though :).

All in all, a great little ride. Again!


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