I'm so absent-minded

Biked a truncated version of Blue Clay on Sunday (was trying out a Trek Fuel, hehehehehe), and as we started packing up, raindrops descended on our heads. In the hurry to leave before we got too wet, I must have left my less than a year-old helmet and biking gloves on top of Wendy's car. Sighs. Went back to next day but no sign of either, not even crushed silver powder on the roads. Am severely bummed out!!

Seem to be deep in a flurry of bike-related purchases. Starting with....my new baby!! That's right, I decided I wasn't going to bother with cheapo steel tanks or mess around with other people's bikes and just get the shiniest new bike that sets my heart a-flutter. And so...it was with some trembling that I handed my credit card over at the bike shop on Friday and got myself a Cannondale Synapse (alloy, not carbon, I still want to afford to eat...)! Yay!!! Pretty new bike!! Some might think that I've betrayed my first roadie by getting this one, but sweetie, you live on another continent, and...I really miss riding road bikes...I still think that you are the sweetest and bestest road bike ever and I'll always love you for being my first one, so please forgive me...

Ahem...so aside from the replacement helmet and gloves, of course I HAD to buy a cycle computer to keep track of my fitness levels while riding, waiting for my road pedals and shoes to arrive, and got a headlight for those long rides home at night. What can I say? Am pretty happy. :)

And...please don't get on my case about upgrading the MTB!! It's no Trek Fuel but it's still ridable!


Jeffrey said…
Wah liao!

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