I guess I'm in

So I have unofficial confirmation that I'm accepted into UNCW's PhD program in Marine Biology, and just received an email from the Director of International Student and Scholar Services congratulating me on my acceptance and asking about the change in my I-20. So I suppose...em...Woohoo? Sorry if I seem a little understated right now, I think I'll get more excited once the official letters come in and the news sinks in. :)


Sivasothi said…
Yaay, congrats!
Danwei said…
bluebabe said…
thanks!! :) heeheehee...guess the news is gradually sinking in. I still have to clear my mini-defense and 1st committee meeting in september though!
Jeffrey said…
Kevin Zelnio said…
Congrats! And thanks for the biker update on my blog. Also, I am moving next month to Duke Marine Lab, so we'll be marine biology neighbors ;)

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