Improve Your Car-ma!

Okay, I can't take credit for that corny phrase. Came across an ad in the Sierra magazine (yeah yeah, I'm a Sierra Club member, make of that what you will) for another auto membership club offering roadside assistance. And I always thought that AAA ran the whole show. Anyway, checked out the Better World Club, and it's pretty neat, actually offering bicycle roadside assistance (will even change your flat tire! Though I could probably do it faster on my own than wait for the help), and assisting any car their member is in instead of the member's personal vehicle only. It doesn't hurt that 1% of their revenue goes to environmental cleanup and advocacy efforts. Plus the recognition of same-sex domestic partners and an offer of a free membership to all couples (no discrimination against heterosexual marriages) getting married this summer. Cute!

Well, it's starting to sound like I'm running a free advert for them. But came across a nifty link on their website for bicycle-created soap. Was just complaining to A yesterday about how difficult it was to find mainstream cruelty-free toiletries at prices that won't bust a grad student's wallet. Voila! The bicycle comes to the rescue again, showing it can do more than transport people and shell peanuts.


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