Pumpkin Soup

Haven't done a food update for some time, probably due to a lack of a camera (away in S'pore, sniff), and the fact that the people I cook for have been inhaling the food faster than I can think about recording images, hehe.

Anyway, I've been making pumpkin soup on and off for a few years now, but have always been strangely dissatisfied with the final outcome, thinking the soups lacking in depth. Today though, I think I got a winner :). Yay for blenders! Erm, it's a beautiful orange colour, but no photos due to no camera. Here's the recipe though:

1 butternut squash, skinned, seeded and cubed
5 small redskinned potatoes, cubed
1 medium white onion, cubed
1 cup canned chickpeas, drained
Generous amount of black pepper
Dash of dried thyme
Dash of dried oregano
Salt to taste
2 dashes of heavy cream
1 tbsp margarine
For stock, I used ~1/3 cup leftover chicken stock and 2 chicken breastbones + 1 mug water. If possible, use good stock or make your own!

1. Place squash, potatoes, onion, stock and chicken bones in large soup pot. Add enough water to just cover vegetables. Bring to boil then simmer at medium-low heat for 40min or until potatoes are tender. While the mixture is simmering, add the herbs and black pepper. Add salt just before taking off the heat.

2. Remove and discard the chicken bones. Puree the cooked vegetables, the chickpeas and cooking liquid in a blender until the mixture is smooth. Return soup to pot.

3. Over medium-low heat, stir in heavy cream and margarine (or butter). Serve hot!

Serves 4. Freezes well!


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