Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's been eventful, to say the least. Never thought an Easter weekend could be so packed. Went for my second critical mass ride on Good Friday, and met the person who sold me my bike again. He seemed rather surprised that I was still riding it, causing me a small measure of concern for a brief moment...Also the day I got knighted, as my rear tire went completely flat on the return leg to the Mellow Mushroom (thus, Sir Rides-a-Flat). Had to walk the last three blocks back- told Wai to order pizza for me while waiting :P. But at least I had company, in the form of a fellow rider who had detoured into the fairground to get funnel cake. After wolfing down a medium pizza, headed over to the dance studio to learn some swing! After doing all the stately tango, salsa and whatnot, was a little hard to start bouncing around the floor like a battery-operated bunny, but had a pretty good workout.
Since my mega-night ride was foiled by the flat, had to make up for it by riding to campus on Saturday morning. Rolling around the pontoons of a marina looking for fouling invertebrates is definitely my idea of weekend fun :). A little break at home to wash off the mud, before heading to Castle Hayne for contra dance. Somehow, over the past few months, have seemed to gotten totally into this dance... I still like all my latin dances, but contra is so forgiving, especially to people like me who don't take dance seriously enough to go for pro-pah lessons. Unfortunately for the gals, a large group of youths showed up, and gender ratio was kinda skewed. Sat out a few dances and had to dance with women wearing ties a couple of times. Maybe I should be more thick-skinned and just ask girls to dance with me next time, whether I'm a good leader or not.
What did I do on Sunday? Well, not ruminating on my life for sure. Met up with the local newspaper's reporter at the bike park, did a little interview together with WW and W, and planned to 2 full laps of Blue Clay! That is, until I chickened out on a downhill section on the hilly side, slammed my brakes at the bottom, and caused my pedals to run a gash down my right calf. Did 1 more lap after patching up and having a sandwich! My other name would be Sir Bleeds-a-lot, since I seem to collect scars from my pedals every ride.
Was pretty psyched about Sunday evening, first had a sumptuous Easter dinner at Andrea's beautiful house, and then a whole bunch of us did the sacrilegious thing and watched the musical version of 'Debbie Does Dallas'. Totally hilarious :D.
More rolling around the pontoons on windy and chilly Monday (well, most of the time I was huddled trying to reduce surface area exposed to wind), atchoo! And I can recognise Styela plicata pretty well by now. Did a whole lot of baking with TDB for various birthdays and events coming up, and just went for a much better time at contra!
Thursday leaving for a mountain bike camp at Pisgah. Which sounds totally awesome :). Will just have to find some time to catch my breath in between everything!
(and yes, I do actually do work despite all that is going on....)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Not because I feel science and reason is under attack and the foundations are crumbling, but to see such blind faith in spite of reason, logic and evidence.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's not just male pride

Kena soundly thrashed two nights ago in pool, and even though I'm not a good player, that really stings. That will teach me to play 'just for fun' with yet another person who claims to be a 'bad player'. But at least I didn't play for cash :P. Still, having all my balls on the table with only the 8 ball left for the other side is terrible!! It stung so much that I briefly considered getting some secret training in, and probably would have today if my oxygen administration course didn't run so long. Not that I hate the thought of losing that much (yes yes, even if I'm very competitive by nature). I can stand to lose, just not in such a lau kui fashion.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I guess I literally ran myself into the ground last night. And now I have two small marks under my left eye to show for it. We were at Mike's house watching George Carlin, and thereafter he was showing us around. I remember the dizziness started as I looked out of the guest room window. Mike was telling me that was where he used to put the study table but the words seemed to be flowing through a fog of treacle. Felt really puzzled as all I had was a glass of wine, and I had eaten dinner beforehand. Blood was pounding through my head so hard it was all I could hear, and I could feel the veins in my neck pulsing with every erratic beat. Weird. Was about to find a place to sit down, and the next thing I knew, found myself on the floor, with the distinct impression of carpet imprinted on my left cheek. Apparently the first words out of my mouth were,"Did I just faint?". They said I was out for 2-3seconds, and of course got everyone really worried. Sighs. Felt really cold even though I had my sweater on, so they got me downstairs and bundled me up with blankets while Mike called the medical hotline. Answered all the questions correctly to show that I was still lucid, quashed some suggestions of pre- and existing conditions ("Is there a possibility that you might be pregnant?" (?!?)), and at the end, no-one really knew what happened. The current diagnosis for now was possible exhaustion combined with dehydration.
Managed to get home (Wai drove), take a hot shower and chat with Z on the phone for awhile before going to sleep. Things seem to be in working order this morning, and have been taking my fluids. SFSG. Guess I'll just have to watch myself the next few days and stay away from the alcohol!