I guess I literally ran myself into the ground last night. And now I have two small marks under my left eye to show for it. We were at Mike's house watching George Carlin, and thereafter he was showing us around. I remember the dizziness started as I looked out of the guest room window. Mike was telling me that was where he used to put the study table but the words seemed to be flowing through a fog of treacle. Felt really puzzled as all I had was a glass of wine, and I had eaten dinner beforehand. Blood was pounding through my head so hard it was all I could hear, and I could feel the veins in my neck pulsing with every erratic beat. Weird. Was about to find a place to sit down, and the next thing I knew, found myself on the floor, with the distinct impression of carpet imprinted on my left cheek. Apparently the first words out of my mouth were,"Did I just faint?". They said I was out for 2-3seconds, and of course got everyone really worried. Sighs. Felt really cold even though I had my sweater on, so they got me downstairs and bundled me up with blankets while Mike called the medical hotline. Answered all the questions correctly to show that I was still lucid, quashed some suggestions of pre- and existing conditions ("Is there a possibility that you might be pregnant?" (?!?)), and at the end, no-one really knew what happened. The current diagnosis for now was possible exhaustion combined with dehydration.
Managed to get home (Wai drove), take a hot shower and chat with Z on the phone for awhile before going to sleep. Things seem to be in working order this morning, and have been taking my fluids. SFSG. Guess I'll just have to watch myself the next few days and stay away from the alcohol!


eric said…
i hope you are feeling better. I think you need to "slow down" a bit.
Jeffrey said…
Take care of yourself.
bluebabe said…
thanks for your concern, folks. been sleeping very well ever since i arrived, and even did some yoga after aikido this morning! think i'm going to take a nap now, hurhur

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