Notes from sunny Wilmington

My first post since moving here! No photos yet, as I'm still waiting for my internet connection to be set up....It's so popular that I need to wait a week for the 1st available installation slot. Well, how's it been so far?

When I first arrived, the weather was freaking hot. Like, lie on the pavement and get slowly cooked and die kinda hot. Stay indoors all day drinking iced drinks kinda hot. Man, I thought I wasn't going to make it through the summer...and you thought the African savannah was hot!

A couple of ginormous thunderstorms (strong winds, lightning sheets, powerlines down, fire engines rushing around..) later, things are actually looking up! The temperature is going down! I can stroll around campus in the late afternoon and enjoy it! Hmmm...I never noticed all the flowers before.

The sun is still scorching though.

I had totally forgotten what American proportions are like. Even Eric has difficulty downing everything on his plate, so can you imagine?? We wasted quite some food on the first few meals before I finally believed how big the portions get and starting sharing plates with Eric. I keep darting disbelieving glances around the restaurants like- Man, I can't believe that each of them is eating a full plate by himself/herself! And we're the only pair sharing food! Either a lot gets thrown away, or Americans have some kind of super distendable stomach that expands on command during mealtimes.

More in a bit...


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