And the future is...

I was asked if there were no limitations to what is possible, what would I wish for regarding marine conservation in Singapore? (Yes there are marine nature areas including coral reefs in Singapore, go see

This is my answer:

1. I wish for organisations to work together to manage marine areas. Currently, to work in a certain Southern Island, for example, one has to go through various agencies for various permits. Would also be nice if each agency would also share information and data with one another.

2. I wish for protected MARINE nature areas. This pretty obvious, most conservationists would like to have legislation recognise the value of nature areas. We don't ask for much, if a nature reserve is just too much to ask for right now, let's start with some level of protection (like no poaching?), and work from there.

3. I wish for synergy in research efforts between various institutions. 'Nuff said.

4. I wish for greater awareness and education about nature among the general public (and the policy-makers!). Singapore may not have Manado's reefs or Merapi's volcano, but I think the nature areas are really attractive (and world-class) in their own right. We don't have to be Manado, just be ourselves!

5. I wish for environmental surveys to be carried out before any development gets approved. At least we know what's happening beforehand, and not have to scramble about once the plans are announced in the media.

What would you wish for?


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