It's very nice but I've forgotten where it is....

Could be the theme for our weekend hike, also known as 'the quest to find the fine white sand of Sg Pelepah!'

From a estimated three hour hike with three rest stops to swim and play, it expanded to a 'tour-de-Kota Tinggi' where we explored various detours and dead ends for 6 hours. We finally concluded that no hiking trip is complete if we DON'T arrive at the campsite past sunset ("7.30pm is about right.."). Well, the good news is- we now know the Kota Tinggi trails pretty well :), and we achieved our goal to get a good workout this weekend! All's well that ends well..

Plus the various waterfalls, streams and rock pools are very very pretty, so my amnesia rating for this trek is pretty low...and I look upon the swimming sessions and late late dinner with great fondness.

Desmond gave us a scare halfway through the ascent when he slid down a 2m rockface after the 'jacuzzi' waterfall and bounced off a couple of logs at the bottom, where we spotted a snake gliding into only moments earlier. Thankfully, he escaped with bruised ribs and abrasions only, and could continue walking.

Hai...I just came across a site with trip information....and...... DIRECTIONS!!!!

Click here for the photographs taken by our official trip photographer Desmond, the only one who could be bothered to bring a camera ;)....

Trek rating:
Stamina- ** (it's really only a 2 hours hike in)
Technicality- *** (some climbing on slick rock surfaces, vertical sections with rope)
Quality of rest stops- **** (minus one * for the rubbish)
Amnesia rating- **** (huh? you mean it was an arduous trek??)


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