Blowing in the wind

What's blowing in the wind, you ask? My Masters thesis, that's what. Endured a 14 hour drive from Wilmington down to Key Largo yesterday, only to find out that because of gusty winds and rough seas, we might be grounded till Sunday...So everything's been pushed back almost a week, and we can't stay on longer than 5th June, so it'll be a mad scramble next week to get everything in before we have to return.

On the plus side, I guess I have not slept so well as I did last night for weeks, and I took a very nice healthful walk during sunset today. Tim, Steve, and the NURC guys hooked up my pneumatic drill today, and we took it for a test run on a limestone rock sitting in the parking lot. Not too bad, I just need to find a way to start drilling cleanly, so I don't score the coral surface so much. We went to pick up Sven and Kyle from Miami airport 3 hours earlier than we planned, except Steve took a wrong turn and we ended up stuck in Miami traffic for about 2 hours, haha.

Tomorrow we build multitudes of Vexar cages and punch out hundreds of Dymo tape labels! Please wind, die down soon!


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