Dive log 27 May

After four looong looong days of waiting, we finally got to dive today! Even then, things looked a little uncertain in the morning- waves were 5-7ft high, with the occasional 8 footer rolling in. But the dive boats were going out, and as Steve said, we would be wussies if we didn't!

Things seemed steady at first, but as we left the shelter of the shallows, I could begin to see why small craft advisories were in place for the past week. Stomachs churned as we rocked and bobbed on the roiling sea towards Conch Reef. As we geared up and strapped our BCs on, I finally threw in the towel, and decided that donating my breakfast to the sea was preferable to holding it in and spewing cereal on my labbies in the boat.

It was definitely preferable to stay deep down underwater then bucking about on the surface, so we decided on super-short intervals, changed tanks quickly, and jumped right back in. Coming back wasn't too easy too. Slammed myself against the boat while hanging on the ladder coming up. Thank goodness for short Force Fins...

But...it was good to see my survey data coming in, and Mycale laevis fragments gathering within their collection cages. Now to psyche myself for the next few days without lunch!


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