Environmental report available for viewing for 4 weeks from 02 May 2007

Was alerted to this post on Habitatnews:

Notice - Environmental report for disposal of dredged material at designated containment site east of Pulau Semakau. 02 May 2007
The Public Utilities Board plans to dredge sediment material from Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon. The dredged material will be placed in the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore's designated containment site east of Pulau Semakau. Studies have been carried out to determine the environmental impact of this activity.

The environmental report is available, for public viewing by appointment, at the Environment Building, 40 Scotts Road, Singapore 228231 for 4 weeks with effect from 2nd May 2007.

To view the said report, please contact Mr Sim Hock Lai at 67313820 or via email at .

Anyone who wishes to inspect the said report after 29th May 2007 can contact Mr Sim Hock Lai to make arrangements to view it.

"First published in the Government Gazette, Electronic Edition, on 2nd May 2007 at 5.00 pm."


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