Cars and me...

...just don't go together... I'm cursed, cursed! I tell you. Got involved in a minor collision while scoping out an apartment complex near Monkey Junction. Some dunderhead reversed out of the lot without looking and smacked right into my car's passenger door. Eric tried to sound the horn but hit the center of the steering wheel was which just plastic not linked to any sound making device. My poor car. What did it do to deserve such abuse? So I got this huge dent, and when we got out of the car, the other driver asked whether I wanted to call in the cops, and I said 'yes', and he apparently made the call on his cell. Half an hour of impatiently waiting for the cops to arrive later, he asked if he could go and pick up his wife, who was waiting at work, and that he'll be right back. Seeing his young boy in the car, I relented. After all, I got his particulars and the cops coming right?

....One and a half hours cops or errant driver in sight!!! ARGRHGHRGHGHHH.... Called in the cops myself in the end, after 4 missed calls to the guy. And the police car came after 10min! Finally the wife showed up (it's her car), and we made the police report. Claimed not to know anything, as usual. Got my car repair estimate and phoned her insurance company, only to find out that her insurance lapsed since June due to non payment!! Double ARGRHGHGHGH.... Might have to go through the small claims court now.... AHRGHRGAHGRHGHG

To top it off, my car battery died the day after. Had to continually get it jumpstarted whenever I stopped the engine. Even pumped petrol into a plastic can so I can add it at home. And of course, had to shell out the $$ to replace the damn battery.

Oh my, what a week...


Applecow said…
ARrrghghhh... I feel for you man! :( So what's the next course of action?
bluebabe said…
probably call the couple again a few more times, maybe track the husband down at his workplace....then if all else's to the small claims court. sighssss

why don't people have a sense of responsibility anymore?

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