Isn't it cool? The hammerhead that Wai and I saw on our first dive at San Salvador. It actually wheeled around and swam right by us again! Couldn't resist getting a little closer, it's so hard to get a good shot of a shark! Tim thought I breached the 100ft limit for dives, but I was exactly at 100ft, haha! I'm good, huh?

Anyway, I do have photos of other stuff from the Bahamas. The first 20 up online make up my portfolio for the little photo competition we had on the cruise (Wai came in 2nd!). And here it is...more photos to come later!


Jeffrey said…
Nice!! ... What's a 100ft limit? :P

bluebabe said…
diving depth limit lah, for AAUS standards. I have to dive at that depth at least 12x a year to remain 100ft certified too!

yeah, the Bahamas was mind-numbingly hectic, but pretty nice nonetheless. no-one seems to sympathise with having to dive too much leh...

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