Florida's folks

Okay, after introducing everyone to my field sites and the marine life of Key Largo, shall take this moment to introduce my labmates and companions for the Florida fieldtrip!

My buddies for the first few days- Sven in the center was visiting from Kiel, Germany, and Tim to the right.

Food figures very much in our field trip. After a whole day of diving in frigid waters, you get a hungry horde! Somehow, Sven got conned into BBQ-ing our dinner of chicken thighs, while the rest of us did stuff like this to help out:

Steve is the other 'helper' on the left

Okay...some people were genuinely working, like Tim and Susanna cooking the rice here

BBQ was really popular, we grilled dinner thrice in a fortnight! Apparently, in US, BBQ is a guy's thing, and they handle all aspects from marinating, lighting the fire to cooking (smoking) the food! Which is really sweeeet....hehehe

Cheeseburgers in paradise

Sometimes we go out, like for my birthday dinner!

Yeah! We had sushi and sake! Check out the huge sushi boats! I was stuffed.

And I even got a complimentary deep fried ice-cream ball from the restaurant. So sweet!

Of course we go out diving too....

That's my boss, Joe, at the Spiegel Grove wreck

Sometimes, we do odd things like sorting through a pile of trash chock-ful of rotting sponges. All for the sake of recycling the wire mesh wrapped around each sponge for use in a new experiment. Well, I always support recycling...but the pong.....

How many persons does it take to connect a wire?

Further water-proofing with the heat shrink connector.

Some people just love being in the workshop:
And rehearsing is always important before a major deployment underwater, where it's pretty darn difficult to talk to your buddies. :) These are cages protecting Tim's sponges from fish predation while they go about their business of growing and reproducing.


Sivasothi said…
Glad to see you're eating well once again!
Irene Arboleda said…
Belated Happy Birthday!!!and Happy New Year too! Great photos, Take care.

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