Rotavap Blues

It's Friday night and I'm planning to go
Heading downtown, with my bros
But it just so happens, just you see
I hear something a-calling to me

I got too many samples sitting in the lab
So instead of the show, I head on back
Pour and measure, mash and squeeze
Pass the solvent, if you please
Oh-ohoh-ohhhh...What can I do?
I've got the rotavap blues...

Turned on the machines, put on the flask
Busied myself with the mundane tasks
The hum of the vacuum, soaked in the sound
Watched the round bottom spin round and around

Just when I thought it's the break I deserve
The solvent bumped into the bulb above
Oh-ohoh-ohhhh...Too much to do
I've got the rotavap blues...

Manning the vacuum has made my thumb sore
Watching paint dry, is less of a chore
Methanol, chloroform, dichloromethane
Are the only friends sharing my pain

Now I'm down to my second last
But the damned bulb is stuck to the flask
Oh-ohoh-ohhhh...It's so cruel
I've got the rotavap blues...


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