Random notes

Yeaps, I've been a little too busy these days to update my blog very much. But I've been uploading my photos! They're now on the Multiply site, as I ran out of space on Flickr- http://tehhaliatarik.multiply.com/photos

Saw two deer on the access road to CMS yesterday morning. Though many people regard deer as pests that are wiping out native plant populations, it was still a treat to see them so close without a fence in between.

What else? Hmmm.... I've been really glad that I visited an Asian hypermart when I went to Berkeley, and bought a whole lot of preserved vegetables! Stir-fried some pickled radish with garlic, tofu and hot sauce yesterday, and it was yummy!

Alright, gotta grab some brunch now, and head off to campus soon. Joining the Discover Outdoor Club for an afternoon of kayaking on the Black River. Hope the weather stays sunny!


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