Well, we did get to Wrightsville Beach...

Looks like the Florida trip didn't pan out after all- was met by unexpectedly sombre faces at 6am this morning, and it turns out that there's a small craft advisory for Key Largo tomorrow afternoon, and possibly high waves on Monday, maybe even Tuesday morning. Since Tim needed at least 5 days worth of larval collection, and it didn't make sense to drive all the way down just to sit at the NURC base, it was decided, after a discussion with the boss, to postpone the trip till May :( , and we might even go earlier in May to get all the stuff we wanted to do worked out. Means that I might spend close 1 1/2 months away from Wilmington! Gosh.

So we had a two hour breakfast at McDonald's going over options, waiting for the latest weather updates, and generally chatting like we had too much time on our hands...then headed to Wrightsville Beach as Tim had to get his housekey from his gf working there. Didn't go for a swim, but it was nice to see the sea at least.


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