I've got GGDD....

Watched the Goo Goo Dolls LIVE in concert last night!!! What's more, I won free tickets to see them!!! How sweet is that?? Squeeeeee!!!

And it was an AWESOME show..... Song delivery- spot-on, guitar playing- kick ass, crowd interaction- very personal, sound mixing- you could hear each individual guitar!, screaming fanatic hijinks- till I became hoarse, hehehe... I almost felt like I was fifteen at my first rock concert again :).

The downside? I kinda obsessed with the Goos now. Just spent a good hour reading all the bios and meanings to the songs, and playing the songs from the new album ad nauseum, instead of working out the correlation between river discharge rates and sea chlorophyll levels....Also persuaded the Salted Fried Tempeh to book tickets to their show in UK! ....Ok, that didn't take much persuading, haha.

They'll be playing in North Carolina again in July (4 days after the Manchester show! We can squeeeee together!!)! In Raleigh, 2 hours drive away! Should I go? Should I go??


Wai said…
July!!! :) Hehe. How much are tickets?
bluebabe said…
Are you coming?? :) If you wanna go, I'll definitely go with you!! :)) Tickets not on sale yet, so I dunno, but the Myrtle Beach one was US$35.
Wai said…
Hehe..sounds good. Cheaper than I imagined... ;)
Unknown said…
i wanna go too!!!!

wat date in july!!

TT :)
bluebabe said…
July 15th!! You'll have to extend your stay, hehehe

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