So I wrecked my car...

How quickly fortunes change. One moment I was paddling along a tree-lined river, enjoying the warm sunshine and the scenery, floating along in bliss, and thinking about how energised I'll be for the coming week's work. The next moment has me standing outside my car in shock, looking at my crumpled rear hatch hooked on the rear bumper of a truck that I just backed into, and receiving a ticket from the cops for 'unsafe backing'. Now, instead of rotavapping sponge extracts in lab like I wanted to do, I'm at home playing rock music really loud to drive my depression away while my car sits in a garage awaiting repair.

All I can say for now is....don't drive when you are really really angry... Sigh


AdamNg said…
Oh no... well at least u r safe and sound!
Wai said…
Poor dear. That makes 2 unfortunate car incidents in a few days! This is the reason why I am terrified of parking head in. Take care ya, and hope your car is fixed soon. :)
bluebabe said…
thanks for your concern guys... going to get duct tape at Walmart later to waterproof the top of the hatch!

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