sad day...

Was really sad the read the news yesterday, about the shooting massacre that happened on the Virginia Tech campus Monday morning. I guess what was eerie about it was that it started out like any typical morning, students going to school, grumbling about assignments and tests, blearily shaking off the weekend's partying, and in a matter of minutes, their world turned upside down as they were plunged into hell, a lone gunman relentlessly stalking them down the hallways of their class building, shooting to kill as he moved along.

What kind of world do we live in these days, that the first solution to spring to mind for life's problems is the use of lethal force? And the ready access to efficient killing weapons here is frankly terrifying. I know, guns don't kill people, people kill people, but people without guns would kill fewer people than otherwise. Sure, the assailant could have picked up a kitchen knife to go on a rampage, but he would definitely have been stopped before hitting a body count of 30. As for the argument that owning a gun protects families and saves lives, what about some stats here? How many people's lives have been saved because they own a gun, vs. lives taken away because someone had a gun?

Dark thoughts on a sunny day indeed...


Wai said…
Yea, it's a scary place where people are allowed to tote guns around... :(

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