So the story goes...

I've been telling this story so many times, I figured I should just blog it... So here's the sad tale of how I got into a car accident.

The story begins a few weeks ago, when I was trying to leave my previous auto insurance company (I decided not to name names, but let's just say the company mascot is a certain green reptile...). Unfortunately, it seems like leaving the company wasn't as simple as letting the insurance policy lapse, and not paying for a new term. I was charged for an additional two weeks without my written consent, AFTER I had switched to another company. So I've been wrangling with them for sometime about removing the charge. I'd just faxed over some documents and was notified that all charges would be dropped. Then on Saturday, I received another bill extending my policy for a single day for US$60. Feeling quite fed-up, I called customer service again, and somehow wound up in a shouting match with the rep. She said they never received the fax, and magically, my bill was changed to a cancellation fee which is particular to the state of North Carolina.

After I put down the phone, I was literally shaking with anger. Then my friend called, and asked if I wanted to go out for dinner. Initially, I declined as I already had my veggie shepherd pie on the stove, but then, I thought it would be good to go out and release some of this anger, plus, it was a very nice day.

So I got into my car, still muttering about 'damn insurance companies and whatnot that harass poor graduate students', and didn't do my usual checkout while inching out of the lot. I glimpsed a pickup in my rear-view mirror, and in a moment of panic (though Matt says it's anger), stamped on the accelerator. As you can imagine, I thus accelerated into the rear of the pickup, causing an awful grinding sound that indicated I just collided with someone...sighs...

Fortunately for me, the driver didn't come out of the vehicle waving a crowbar and threatening to disembowel me. In fact, she was pretty nice about it all, and took the time to comfort me too. So my rear hatch got hooked onto the rear bumper of the truck, and wrenched off its latch as we were trying to pull free from each other, and it's definitely a goner. The truck had two red stripes on its rear and a misaligned bumper, so now you know who wins when a VW hits a truck.

What're the updates? Well, right now, the rear of my car is plastered all over with black duct tape (have to still be matching you know?), to keep the rain out as the hatch doesn't close too well, while I wait for a replacement hatch to be found. Also waiting for insurance to tell me whether my premium will go up, and by how much :~(. I'm still considering whether my car is a good candidate for 'Pimp My Ride'!


Unknown said…
Drive careful. Thankfully you are not hurt. =)
Jeffrey said…
I just heard from Zee about your accident. Glad you are ok and no one got hurt.

I never quite understood the concept of head-in first parking .. but that's just me :P

Cheers, Jeff
bluebabe said…
well, I never really learnt to park in reverse (not required on the test), though I'm practising more often now!

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