Take me to see the Goo Goo Dolls

I always liked the Goo Goo Dolls, ever since waaaay back in my long past teenage years, so I was pretty chuffed when I found out that they'll be playing at Myrtle Beach on April 24th. My first impulse was to go and get a ticket, but then I started thinking....is it very 'loser' to go to a rock concert alone (okay, there'll be about 600 people there, but you know what I mean)? Not only that, but I would have to drive 3 hours roundtrip to and from Myrtle Beach... Alone! Jeez...I started feeling a little anti-social.

Times like this I wish the Significant Other was around. So he doesn't like rock music. In fact, he seems to hate it with a passion, e.g. he once yelled at me to lower the volume while I was blasting Linkin Park 'cos it was giving him a terrible headache. Still, you know he would accompany me to the concert just because, even if I have to stuff ear plugs in him before we enter the venue. It just seems a little weird to jump up and down excitedly and holler by myself, and I don't know anyone here who might like to attend as well.

What to do? Should I go?


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