Campus tour part II

One of the entrances to UNCW

The pond right in the centre of campus. It's pretty, but I think it breeds mosquitoes!

That's my department- Dobo Hall! Where my mailbox is, and where I teach lab sessions.

The road towards Dobo Hall

Pretty roses outside Dobo Hall

I got a free bike on loan from the campus Christian group, through the Office of International Programs. Cool scheme huh? So I can use it as long as I remain a student of UNCW. Well, since it's a free bike, I can't be choosy, and it is quite a retro style- single gear, and the thing I need to get used to the most- NO HAND BRAKES! The first time I rode off, I was clutching the handles while going downslope and wondering....HOW THE #%$%@ AM I SUPPOSED TO STOP???! Finally figured out that I need to pedal backwards to get it to brake.... Definitely no long distance bike trips for me, but it's good enough to go to school with!


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