Riverfest 2006

Found out today that I'm really, truly, absolutely, HORRIBLE at parallel parking!! After 10min of futile reversing, moving forward, and sweating buckets, I got the car straight but sticking one foot out onto the road on the left... I finally gave up and went to look for a parallel slot that was either the first or last in the row so I could just ease in.

Why am I subjecting myself to this? Well, today was the Riverfest at downtown Wilmington, and since the fireworks were at 9pm, I couldn't take the public bus, as the last bus home leaves at 8.30pm. The parking decks are free before 9pm, but charge a flat rate of $5 after that. The roadside lots are free after 6.30pm, but...they were all parallel slots, plus today is Saturday!! Arrrggghhhh...why do I put myself through such stress?

Anyway, there were lots of stalls out and about today, and no American fair is complete without an American snack stand right?

There were quite a few performances too, including this gospel stage, which featured various church groups from around the county. Pretty energetic performances! The evening's group had hip-hop style gospel music and even acrobatics.

Saw a lot of people eating that, so got myself a plate of funnel cake with icing sugar ($4). It's basically fried dough dusted with lots of sugar!!

Looks pretty innocent but it is damn filling.... I suppose the serving size was meant to be shared...was so full after eating it I couldn't stomach dinner. Damn. Should have gone for the fried shrimp basket with fries. :)

There was also a beer garden under a carpark, and a pretty good live band too. Watched more performances, and flotilla of boats dressed up as pirate ships, complete with pirates, gunshots and cannon sounds (!), before the fireworks finally came on. Enjoy!


Papa Jeff said…
Practice practice practice! :)
bluebabe said…
Hah...yah, well, if you have any tips for me (like step-by-step directions), I'll be really glad to have them!

It's scary to practise using other people's cars as my markers!
Papa Jeff said…
Hmm ...

Step 1a: position back of your car about 1/2 car length in front of the lot you are parking

Step 1b: make sure that side of your car is about 3-4 feet away from parking lot.

Step 2: Reverse, turning steering about 1/4 to 1/2 turn, so that car goes into parking lot at diagonal angle. Straighten steering.

Step 3: When car is about 3/4 way into lot, turn steering to straighten car.

Step 4: Adjust car to fit squarely into lot.

All this of course, accomplished by being aware of how far you are away from the curb and other cars, so that you don't hit anything.

Cheers, :P

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