Free Ice-cream! And Fireworks!

The campus entertainment group organised a free ice-cream social and fireworks display at the UNCW gazebo field today! Got there just before the sun was setting, and sure enough, there was an ice-cream table all set up for business already.

My ice-cream bowl! Strawberry and vanilla, with sugar-free chocolate sauce
(you wonder what is the point of that right?)

I soon found out that fall is perhaps not the best time of the year for a big bowl of ice-cream outdoors, in the evenings, in an open area with no wind barriers... It was COLD! The kind of cold that made me wish I had the Ohm fleece pullover on hand, hehe. This was my ice-cream bowl 20min later...

See? It didn't even melt!

Luckily, the organisers also provided hot chocolate with marshmallows, so I could at least warm my frigid hands. This will be the last time I venture outdoors at night in sandals and berms! Thankfully, before I froze up completely, the fireworks came on:

After the display, biked over to Kenan Auditorium to attend a concert by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, featuring Luciana Souza as a vocalist. No, it wasn't free also, but only US$6 for students, which is a pretty good deal! They played one of my fave musical genres tonight, Latin guitar; so bossa nova, and folk songs, gypsy tunes... and Luciana Souza has such a beautiful voice, like warm butter poured on honey. Thoroughly enjoyable. It was a good night.


Wai said…
AHHH!!! LAGQ!!! Did you get a video? :D
Wai said…
:O A bit behind here...but I just went to their website and saw that Andy has left the group!
bluebabe said…
I thought that you would definitely love this concert! It was very good :). videos and cameras allowed in the auditorium, though was pretty tempted to record some of the music, heheheh.. Have to look out for the album with this collaboration! Each guitarist was also featured in a duet with Luciana Souza, which was supposed to showcase their signature styles.

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