My new (old) car!!!

Us and the car
Originally uploaded by diploastrea.
Heh, I don't know what got into me, but I went and bought a BRIGHT RED CAR!!! Don't you think it's really cute though?


Irene Arboleda said…
Hello, wow love your red car...never apologize for it. You know, would be great if we can dive together along the BC coast with another friend I know...
bluebabe said…
Oh yeah, I'm starting to miss diving already! My 1st field trip has to wait till early Nov this year. Isn't diving off BC going to be really cold though?? :)
Papa Jeff said…
It's only 18 degC isn't it? A 6mil suit should do just fine :P

Nice car, by the way ... and a VW!! ... always wanted one of those :)

Cheers, Jeff
Applecow said…
Ooo it's cute! i like!
Fried Tempeh said…

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