The food series...

I'm entering into a food photography phase, so you'll just have to bear with me through this. :) I figure this is one way to motivate myself to cook healthy, tasty and nutritious meals while living alone, instead of instant foods and scooping stuff outta cans.

Had a craving for soft fried onions today, so made stir-fried meatballs with onions, one of my fave comfort foods. So simple, and pretty satisfying. Added a dash of chili pepper into the meat mixture for some extra spice.

The green stuff you see at the side is kale. What is kale? you may ask. Something like kailan? Well it does taste similar to kailan, only much tougher, as I found out when I first attempted to cook it. This time round, I peeled the stems, chopped the kale into smaller pieces, and steamed it in its juices for a longer time. Not too bad, especially when cooked with fresh chili slices, which I got from my chili plant! I decided that buying 6 chilis at US$3.99 a pop was just too much, and got myself a plant instead....


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