Even though Eric was here for more a month, we only had the chance to jalan-jalan in the last one week of his visit! Probably because we spent so much time and effort in looking for a car, and then practising how to drive. After I got my licence, that was the time we actually went exploring around Wilmington!

It's quite pretty around here, especially with bright green pines juxtaposed against blue blue cloudless sky. Especially after the wet and sodden episode with Ernesto, was glad for some sun!

First, a visit to the NC Fort Fisher Aquarium!

Packed a picnic box to bring to Carolina Beach State Park, which encloses a pretty forest with trails and campgrounds. And there are native carnivorous plants here such as the Venus fly-trap!!! Pitcher plants!!! Sundews!!!! Wah...and according to the signboard, in spring it is abundant with wildflowers (:P~~~). Unfortunately, together with all those exciting stuff, the forest also has TICKS...and I was dressed in shorts in slippers.....


Eric feeling the strain from driving too much...

They use jala's here too!

A brilliant day after the storm (Ernesto)

The weather was still great the next day, so we decided to check out Orton Plantation, since I'm such a garden freak :).

Eric is such a good photographer...Check out his shot!! Look at mine below for the stark difference, sigh...

As you can tell, we had some fun in the sun garden

And more arty shots here:


AdamNg said…
Hey! Wah lucky you... got boyfriend, flowers and all. Me, i only got roaches...
eric yw lim said…
walao! the "eric feeling the strain from driving too much..." shot looks like having a stroke ! Aiyah babe, dun compare lah... u cn also shoot very nice foto wan lah

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